Absinthe Kubler Body Painting

Group body painting on semi-nude women with the Absinthe Kubler logo.

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Red Bull Body Painting

Body painting on semi-nude women with Red Bull logo. Red Bull energy drink was recently banned in Germany due to traces of cocaine in their produce. Read Red Bull Cola Laced With Cocaine

Body Painting - Bridal Corset

Body painting on a nude bride complete with painted corset. Lovely bride.


Body Painting - Cyclist

An old painting of nude woman cyclist.

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Body Painting - Embodied

Artist Kim Joon lives and works in Seoul, South Korea, and creates these unusual artworks with body forms.

Starbucks, Adidas

Dragon, monkeys

bird land-chrysler

Body Canvas - Army Camouflage

Painting on a semi-nude body canvas with army camouflage.

Breast Painting - Spider Web

Breast painting of a spider web shield.

Photo: Peek - a - Boob